Current Legislation


A449 /Schaer (D) (District 36)/Kean (R) (District 21)

Makes changes to procedures used by medical examiners for autopsies or dissections performed over religious objections.

A522 DiMaio (R) (District 21)

Provides for medical exemption from influenza vaccination based on allergy to any vaccine ingredient.

A744 McGuckin(R) (District 10)/Wolfe(R) (District 10)
Eliminates use of vaccines containing mercury over three years.


A1991 Sumter (D) (District 35) / Munoz(R) (District 21)
S941 Gordon (D)(District 38)

Requires residential students at four-year institutions of higher education to receive immunization for meningitis in accordance with recommendations of Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

A1847 Lampitt (D) (District 6)

Requires human papillomavirus vaccinations for students in grades six through 12.

S634 Gordon (D) (District 38)
A3587 Schaer (D) (District 38)

“Health Care Industry Representative Certification Act”; establishes requirements for certification of health care industry representatives. Section 5 (d) discusses mandatory vaccination language.

A1576 Conaway (D) (District 7)/Giblin (D) (District 4)
S1003 Vitale (D) (District 19)

Requires certain health care facilities to offer, and health care workers to receive, annual influenza vaccination.

S754 Diegnan (D) (District 18)

Expands authority of pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy externs to administer certain vaccines.

A3818 / S2173 has been filed/introduced for this 2018 legislative session. It is a bill tightening the religious exemption. This is the same bill that has been around for the last four years and it hasn’t gone anywhere. As of right now, there is no activity on this bill. There is NO Assembly companion bill.