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Dr. Safka is a chiropractor of 25 years. He is the president of NJ Medical Freedom Advocates. This designation felt quite natural, as he has spent over 20 years doing research on the vaccine industry. This decision to research vaccines came prior to having children, because inherent to the chiropractic profession is a general consensus that the human body is self-regulating and needs no artificial stimulation of the immune system to manage responses to naturally-occurring disease. The research, basically, was to corroborate his decision, as there was such immense public pressure to vaccinate.
He needed to know that he was making the right decision. Dr. Safka will tell you, “Anything not found in nature will have unnatural consequences to the body.” Such is the case with vaccines. There are so many documented health consequences to vaccination that the industry can hardly keep up with categorization. Dr. Safka has compiled rather extensive documentation that clearly shows the connection of vaccines to a variety of conditions. The most highlighted of them all, of course, is Autism. Many formal scientific papers authored by world-class researchers, Phd’s, MD’s, utilizing data from dozens upon dozens of scientific journal entries and other medical outlets prove that vaccines are highly suspect in this cause and effect relationship.

The Supreme Court has ruled vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe.” This alone should be reason to thwart any attempt at laws that suggest “mandatory vaccination.” However, it is a very tricky and complicated political environment. The reason Dr. Safka became an activist, taking his hobby of research to the next level, is just that. Bills being proposed across the country continue to threaten civil liberty in this regard, and threaten the very sovereignty of one’s body and the right to choose for one’s self how to manage their health. He will tell you, “The state does NOT own my body, nor the body of my children. Protecting our right to see to our personal health care decisions, without punishment or prejudice, is paramount. It’s best not to let the law get out of hand with this basic human right. This is why it is wise to nip unconstitutional laws in the bud, before they become oppressive and potentially harmful to the citizenry.”